MEAC in Europe

''A London based Arts Company.-which does pioneering work with severely disabled - individuals; is going to West Germany to-take part in a major research project: The Magical Experiences Arts Company (MEAC) will spend six weeks at the University ofCologne, beginning in March. While the group is there, mental health. and education. experts at the University, recognized as one of the leading Institutions in the world for research into the subject of children with disabilities, will observe the company at work and try to analyze how the methods used by MEAC have achieved its historical breakthroughs with the -severely disabled. - Peter Scott, London. Gazette February 1996

Germany was just one of the many countries that discovered the 'phenomenon' of MEAC. Traveling throughout Europe, Scandinavia, Israel, and eventually America, the troupe evolved its philosophy and perfected two new methods of work: Emotional Stimulation Therapy and Historical Arts Education.

An excerpt from the published work: Fragmental Experiences and Impressions of the Magical Experiences Arts Company.
-- By Professor Wolfgang Lamers and Dr. Theodore Hofman - University of Coloqne.

Each player's receptivity and observations combined with their own unique artistic flair bring the play to life. It offers- room for adventures, moods, and feelings; through- happiness and high spirits; pain, sadness, disappointments and anxiety; physical and spiritual strength; through excitement and activity; peace and relaxation; and 'submersion of character through comfortable closeness and through distance both physically and emotionally. The actors become equal partners with the participating individuals, and together as subject, they become the object of the play. It is a fascinating phenomenon to see the disabled and non-disabled partners, who are normally looked upon as unequal, due to their perceived limitations and social dependencies, in equal, mutual, and reciprocal relationships with each other. Rarely does one get to see the disabled become the supervisor, care aide and nurse of-their able-bodied counterpart. But MEAC makes it happen. It is difficult to explain this phenomenon, but it is truly amazing to witness.