The Magical Experiences Arts Company

Transformation Through Theater

MEAC is an ‘Arts serving’ organization that provides innovative and creative theater programming to special education schools and nursing homes. MEAC provides interactive performances which: empower, inspire and educate children, adolescents and adults with severe multiple disabilities in a safe, nurturing environment. The organization’s primary goal is to help develop communication and self-expression skills.


Community of Theater – theater to inspire, educate and heal
MEAC’s 2021-2022 season of performances
MEAC’s mission for the 36th season


MEAC will make connections throughout the community, bringing together it’s populations in a mutual journey of sharing and exploration of emotional development. How can we help each other to grow, to soar?!

MEAC will strengthen its commitment to bring equality and equanimity to the Disability Community, who historically have been neglected by the Arts. MEAC will act on its desire to expand training and access of its methods and programs to students attending Historic Black Universities in Maryland, with the goal of making sure people of color can choose a career in the Disability Arts. MEAC will expand its programming at the William S. Baer School and RICA-Baltimore, acknowledging our mission to bring therapeutic theater to Baltimore City & County’s most severely disabled youth.

Introducing the residencies!  William S. Baer School – 64 shows. The Chimes School – 20 shows (including the new multiple disability class made up of students from the Delrey School), RICA-Baltimore – 32 shows, Broadmead Nursing Home – 12 shows, and at the Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired – 20 shows. Introduction shows at the Mann School at Shepperd Pratt – 8 in-kind shows. The season will focus on recovery and healing from the disruptions and emotional difficulties caused by the closing of schools and nursing homes due to Covid-19.

Celebrating 35 Years of Magical Performances around the World!

If you are interested in observing a performance or would like to donate to MEAC’s programming please contact Joanne Margolius at or call at 443 544 7542 or 443 848 4615 (voicemail)