The Magical Experiences Arts Company conducts long-term residencies. Shows take place on a weekly/ twice monthly basis at the Maryland residencies. Two shows per day take place at TSBVI for a two-week period.

The Chimes School
MEAC’s school residency is located at The Chimes School, a Baltimore City school serving the needs of 60 students with severe low functioning autism, and other cognitive / language delays. This special school has never before worked with professional artists. For the majority of the Chimes School students, a trip to the theater is impossible due to the over stimulation of sound and vision. MEAC has carefully constructed 22 rotating Plays which allow every student to participate fully in a theatrical experience. They will be able to interact with artists, dance, find movement as a means of expression, listen to a diverse range of music, and travel through cultures and history in MEAC’s unique story-telling method.

Regional Institute for Children & Adolescents
In 1996, RICA-Baltimore invited the Magical Experiences Arts Company into its facility, to help develop a therapeutic arts program. Since that date, MEAC has progressively developed its art form to provide a unique, and highly successful form of theater, which provides a safe and
nurturing experience for adolescents dealing with trauma caused by a number of psychiatric
disorders. The MEAC after-school program will be part of RICA’s treatment plan, which also includes individual and family therapy, behavioral medication, and recreation therapy. Students, aged from 12 to 18 years, are admitted to RICA for up to one year.
Adolescents have exhibited aggressive behaviors, schizophrenic or autistic symptoms, depression, hyperactivity, and inappropriate expression of feelings.

The William S. Baer School
The mission of the William S. Baer School is to create a constant collaboration between, family, community and the Baltimore City public school system. Their goal is to support students in meeting their individual needs in areas of socialization, functioning living skills, and academic standards. The school promotes the independence of each student and welcomes the new collaboration with the Magical Experiences Arts Company. MEAC will reach out to the schools most severely disabled students, especially those with physical challenges. Each week the troupe will convert a classroom into a magical space where students will develop essential communication skills, and learn about subjects often neglected by the special education field.

Broadmead Nursing home
Broadmead serves the needs of adults with Alzheimer’s, & Dementia. MEAC began a residency in 2016 at Broadmead providing a monthly theater experience to its residents. Each show will welcome up to 15 residents into the MEAC space, where they will experience soothing music, colorful backdrops and costumes, and although all residents will be in wheelchairs, non-verbal, and struggling to even open their eyes, each performance will ‘awaken’ their senses, and allow them a wonderful hour of story-telling and emotional expression.

Texas School for the Blind & Visually impaired
In 2015 MEAC introduced its programming to TSBVI with much success. Performances will engage all students from TSBVI that the school believes could benefit from being part of the program. Students with cognitive delays, deaf-blindness, autism, physical challenges, and visual and hearing impairments will become part of the theater community. Considered one of the World’s most highly acclaimed schools serving the Deaf-Blind community, TSBVI provides an opportunity for the Magical Experiences Arts Company to develop its methods and learn skills to produce even more success within the multiple disabled communities. When on campus, MEAC is given its own space to transform into a theater set and welcome students each day to discover their environment and the world through the Arts.
Please contact Joanne Margolius for dates and times of shows. All shows are available for visits and observation