Plays of the Holocaust First performed
The Secret Annex-The diary of Anne Frank 1988
Sisters Entwined 1989
Dancing with the Angels 1995
Historical Dramas  
On a Wing and a prayer 1988
Boz’s Shadow World 2006
Feeling the Rainbow-the life story of Helen Keller 2001
Voices of the Living Light-the Joan of Arc story 2000
The Oak Tree of Maryland-a civil war drama 2003
Faerie Queen 2004
The Fisherman 2008
RAJ 2010
A Portrait of the Golem 2012
I Am 2015
Summer Never Came 2017
Transformation 2018
Cultural plays  
A Celtic tale 1987
Tibet-to the Mountaintop 1999
Restored in Beauty-Native American folktale 1997
Petroushka-the Moon as mirrored in spring 1990
Visions of Renewal 1998
The Muses of Greece 2016
Formation – a journey to Africa 2019

All plays Written and directed by Joanne Margolius