Message from Founding Director, Joanne Margolius

A magical journey of exploration, discovery and connection.

Hello, I am Joanne Margolius, Director and Lead performer of the Magical Experiences Arts Company. In 1985, whilst I was attending Art College in my hometown of London, I decided to volunteer for a Drama Therapy organization, Action Space London Events. I had no prior experience of disability, in fact I was mostly consumed by the ‘beautiful people’ of the fashion world, who were to be my clients when I graduated. What I did not expect that within hours of my introduction to these severely disabled children, I would be changing my life’s path. Six months later in February 1986, a new non-profit, a new art form, a new therapeutic method was introduced to the world.

Magical Experiences-a creator of a safe, nurturing interactive theater experience, where the disabled and non-disabled participants become connected through emotional exploration and tactile discovery.

Our mission is simple, to offer the most ground-breaking, innovative Arts programming to children, adolescents with severe multiple disabilities, or severe emotional disturbances, and adults in the last stages of memory impairment or dementia.

Therapeutically so much can be achieved. Anxiety, tension, frustration, anger can be soothed, calmed to the point of acceptance, peacefulness. Restricted muscles can be warmed and stretched. Suffering can be acknowledged and compassion offered. Achievements can be celebrated, shared.

Educationally, schools can embrace a new vision for bringing the world of science, literature, social studies and geography to their students. Landscape, cultures reveal themselves, each Play is a book opening its pages to our delight. Historical and fictional characters will hold up a mirror to our own lives-they will immerse us in stories that enrich our minds, our passion for living, no matter the daily struggles.

Creatively. Empowering a child, adolescent or adult, who, because of the severity of disability have been historically marginalized, even Theater neglected to offer them a ‘voice’, a ‘presence’ to inspire. The Magical Experiences cares only about ‘humanity’, no disability is too severe, no disease too chronic, no symptom too traumatic to prevent an individual from becoming a member of the theater community.

Welcome to the Magical Experiences Arts Company